Why is Mr.Knightly so strange as a hero?
He is described in a vague way, always showing no emotions but a solid background in the storyline, although we knew his true feelings for Emma at last!
He is so discreet ,a gentleman ofcourse, but we knew nothing of what was beneath his layers, but at each problem he gave the best solution and the most perceptive point of view, which made him mysterious like a dark knight!!
He always corrects Emma meddling in others for best matches, and try to make her more realistic not living the fairy tale she is living in. The most disappointing thing we predict his good sense and action but he was always in the shades that we didn’t understand his intentions very early!!
Austen is the best!!



Emma is the best novel of Austen in my opinion.
Because she in a way describes Austen as a person, the observor of the human kind, with her outstanding curiosity for others deep motives, trying to use them to help them in her own way and setting planes for matrimony between any suitable pair she lays her hands on!
Naive as she is , always predicting in the wrong direction, that what makes the story funny! her mentor is Mr. Knightly whom she is always arguing her point of views but never winning the battle, he sees people as they really are, no heroic charcters,just people, putting everyone in his right place ,not fooled for a second by their pretentious masks!
I think Austen was like this in her youth, but due to curious mind and ever learning skills, she managed to be the writer we know, or may be had another knightly in her life!
She sees people as an adventure, trying to connect and separate with the right of being right, although we understood at last it wasn't!
But her feelings are so right , look how she discovers the pretentious characters, by being simply uncomfortable with their behaviour ,way of talking or their clothing.
She is a very exciting character, and the real excitation when at the end she discovers herself, how she was in love with Mr.Knightly and never Knew!!!
Austen is the best!!


Why discussing Austen now?!!

She has written to a different age ,with different views and analyzed the people in a non time limited way! she explored the human nature ,discussing its weakness and strength, its hollows and motives, she made us share her discoveries by showing how she came to the true inside of every character she made.There is no trivial characters in her novels ,all are well drawn, well established , their dicisions is expected if well understood. Her exploration of the truth that is hidden behind walls of disguise is remarkable.
So lets discuss her novels and her ideas according to the modern life we lead!

Her Novels

Sense and Sensibility (1811)
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Mansfield Park (1814)
Emma (1815)
Northanger Abbey (1817) (posthumous)
Persuasion (1817) (posthumous)

Jane Austen Book Club

This blog is for discussing Austen novels and how she made a great change to the mind and soul of her readers, how she made us think inside ourselves and laugh and cry about our life.
She will be always one of a kind.